Peri-menopausal woman needs to get fit and hopefully slimmer

I have decided that my body has decided to do its own thing for too long. I think that its time to get a grip and do something positive to get back to a slimmer fitter me.

My motivation just recently has not been as good as i it should be and i have let myself go …..not massively but enough to make me feel that my self esteem is slipping. I look in the mirror these days and sadly see too many lumps and bumps where there shouldn`t be. I`m probably only a stone over weight at the moment but as i have previously been very slim and active throughout my twenties and thirties, my fourties are proving to be a time of change, both physically and emotionally.

My current weight this morning was 10 stone 2lbs,and for most of my adult life i have weighed approx 8 stone 4lbs. I am 5ft 4ins tall and would look and feel better if i could get my weight down to 9 stone.

So i have set myself a challenge…to lose a stone in 3 months.

I have never followed a weight loss diet before or embarked on a fitness regime but i am in the right frame of mind and believe i have the determination to achieve this goal.

I would love it if anybody would like to join me in this diet/weight loss plan, i hope to update this blog frequently and let you know about the highs and lows of trying to lose some weight.

Wish me luck…Sarah

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